Now You Can Recycle Pizza Boxes, Paper Plates, More in DC

D.C.’s list of accepted recyclable items just got bigger.

Pizza boxes, paper and plastic plates, cups, lids, to-go containers, plastic from produce, bakery containers and trays now join the list of items you can toss in blue recycling bins, the Department of Public Works said Thursday.

These changes apply to District residents living in single-family homes or buildings with three or fewer units. Starting in January, commercial properties will also be required to recycle all of these materials. 

Plastic bags and wraps are still not accepted in the District’s recycling program. According to the Department of Public Works, these items clog the equipment and can cause safety hazards to workers.

The district’s goal is to eventually be able to divert 80 percent of citywide waste from landfills. Broader recycling allowances aim to assist in achieving this goal, the Department of Public Works said.

An administrator from the EPA praised the District’s efforts to expand the list of recyclables, saying the change “helps save resources and energy, spurs new economic development and creates job opportunities.”

For more information about the new recyclable items D.C.’s campaign to further reduce its environmental footprint, click here. 

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