Pirating Your Profile

If your online identity was hacked, report the issue to the social media website (such as Facebook) and the Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3).

Here is Facebook's full response to our story:

“Users can request to permanently delete their account in the Facebook Help Center. Once a user elects to delete their account, there will be a 14-day processing period where if the account is accessed for any reason (e.g. a user logging back into the site, or using a Facebook integration) the deletion process will be canceled and the account will be left active.”

“We are committed to serving our users the best we can and continue to explore new options and additional resources to accomplish this goal. Consistent with the practices of other major providers of free online services, we offer email support for Facebook because it enables us to most effectively and efficiently serve our over 1 billion users worldwide. Through email correspondence, our User Operations team is able to verify the account owner via their email address and use automated methods to prioritize requests, making sure we’re handling the most critical requests first. We also offer an online help center that we are constantly improving to enable users quick and easy access to answers to the most frequently asked questions.

We have explored phone support for the most urgent reports. Unfortunately, we’ve found that any phone number that is publicly available is inundated with all manner of requests, eliminating the value of a phone number as an escalation point. However, we continue to explore new options and additional resources to reduce response times, especially for the most pressing reports.”

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