Photos: DC’s Tidal Basin Faces Crumbling Infrastructure, Flooding

Organizers with the National Trust for Historic Preservation say the Tidal Basin in Southwest D.C. faces serious infrastructure and safety concerns that require long-term investment and repairs. Below, see photos of some of the areas along the reservoir that show signs of neglect.

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The Tidal Basin, a reservoir in Southwest D.C., is lined with cherry blossom trees that flower in the spring. But the threat of rising tides, flooding, and crumbling infrastructure threaten the future of this popular tourist attraction, organizers with the National Trust for Historic Preservation say.
Flooding often makes parts of the Tidal Basin inaccessible to pedestrians.
Flooding can also threaten the roots of the cherry trees.
Poor maintenance has also led to a backlog of repairs, presenting safety concerns for pedestrians.
Among the additional repairs needed for the Tidal Basin area are improved signs and interpretations.
Security improvements must also be made to the area surrounding the Jefferson Memorial, where Jersey barriers are an unsightly scene that could be replaced with more aesthetically pleasing security barricades.
Infrastructure improvements must also be made to areas around the Jefferson Memorial, preservationists say.
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