Photos: 2018 ‘Canstruction’ Competition Features Sculptures Made of Canned Foods

The National Building Museum hosted 26 teams participating in the 2018 "Canstruction" competition Sunday, a contest in which teams build sculptures out of canned goods and collect food donations for local pantries.

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Christian Paz
The Rolling Stone's iconic tongue logo, made out of Hunt's tomato sauce and Goya black bean cans. This sculpture greets you when you walk into the museum.
Christian Paz
Look closely and you'll see the icebergs (made of tuna and beans) responsible for the sinking of the Titanic in "My HeartBEET Will Go On." The design team claims their sculpture is carefully deisgned to mimic the "precarious angle" at which the Titanic sank and killed Jack and Rose's love.
Christian Paz
Meet Barney Beet, a new character from Silman engineers who was raised on a "high-profile beet farm" outside Scranton, Pennsylvania. His bio says he's doing headspins as part of an underground dance-off.
Christian Paz
The scene inside the National Building Museum on Sunday as teams of designers, architects and engineers build their can sculptures.
Christian Paz
Your eyes aren't fooling you: that's a pair of headphones made up of 2,150 cans!
Christian Paz
Celebrating Queen and paying tribute to D.C.'s own Stanley Cup-winning Washington Capitals, this sculpture celebrates in #ALLCAPS.
Christian Paz
This is the back of the Queen-Stanley Cup sculpture. In case you missed it, D.C. is a champion, not a loser.
This sculpture is easily recognizable as a piano, but pay close attention to its details.
Made of 672 cans, this sculpture is supposed to replicate "BEEThoven's Piano." The accompanying description makes note of Beethoven's work as a "CORNposer" of classical and "ROMAINEtic" music. Lots of puns to go around.
Bloomberg via Getty Images
Close examination of the piano sculpture will reveal use of Kind bars and minestrone soup packages.
Facebook/Our Fathers Deli
A woman walks past the can sculpture replica of the Rolling Stone's logo.
Getty Images, File
Yes, that's a corn rendering of Bruce Springsteen! Labeled "Corn in the USA" this team's can sculpture is made up of 2,238 cans of chopped spinach, sweet peas, lima beans, sliced peaches and pear halves.
Getty Images
A larger frame of the great hall of the National Building Museum
Christian Paz
Check out this tribute to the Beetle's "Yellow Submarine." Those are peach halves and tomato slice cans making up the hull of the sub, while the waves are made of snack tuna packs.
Christian Paz
This team was hard at work recreating Pink Floyd's "The Dark Side of the Moon" album cover with an assortment of colorful cans.
Christian Paz
The only thing missing from this recreation of a scene from Disney's "Fantasia" is Mickey himself!
Chicago Police
You've heard of "Dance Dance Revolution," but are you ready to play "Can Can Revolution?"
Christian Paz
Up close, this sculpture doesn't look like much, but from a distance, you can make out the Abbey Road crossing from the Beetle's iconic photo.
Christian Paz
Celebrating both Elton John's "Can't You Feel the Love Tonight" and "The Lion King," this sculpture depicts Simba and Nala from the iconic Disney film before a sunset over Pride Rock.
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