Photos: 15 Michelin-Approved Dishes to Try in DC for $15 or Less

Here are 15 Michelin-approved dishes to try in D.C. for under $15.

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Even with the option of getting two sides and two types of meat on any Two Step BBQ Platter ($15) at Adams Morgan's Federalist Pig (1654 Columbia Rd NW), it might be hard to choose. The restaurant has all the BBQ classics, including brisket, pork rib tips, chicken, turkey legs and more. It also doesn't leave out vegetarians: All sides are meat-free and there's a weekly Faux-Que (read: meatless) sandwich.
If you like cheese, do yourself a favor and pop into Supra (1205 11th St NW) and pick out one of their six khachapuris. The Georgian dish features a cheese-filled bread that can carry so much goodness: The most famous — and cheesy — is the ajaruli, which features a baked egg ($14). Your server (or you!) mixes the just-cooked egg into the cheese at your table, giving you exceptionally rich and creamy bites. The lobiani is filled with white bean ($10) and the kubdari is stuffed with spicy pork and beef ($15).
Tuna crudo is paired with avocado mousse, pineapple-ginger sorbet, almonds and cilantro in this dish, which you can grab as a tapas plate ($10), a medium portion ($19) or a family-style dish ($39). Proprietor Javier Candón wants guests to linger, chat and eat leisurely at his Eastern Market restaurant (660 Pennsylvania Ave SE).
This spicy dill stew with Asian eggplant, cabbage and other veggies, called orm ($13) is perfect if you love deep herbal flavors. Head to Lao in Town (250 K St NE) to try it.
A traditional dish, stuffed sour cabbage reminds diners from the Balkans of family celebrations and grandma's cooking. Ambar Capitol Hill (523 8th St SE) chefs take a sour cabbage leaf and stuff it with rice, minced root veggies and pork belly ($10). The restaurant is known for its brunch and Balkan Experience dinners, where you can get a slew of small plates for $49.
Pesto lovers can feast on the Green Monster pizza topped with two kinds of cheese, zucchini and kale ($15) while the biggest cheese fans can enjoy five varieties on The Lulu ($15). Move over, red sauce (although the menu boasts several alluring pizzas with tomato sauce). Petworth's Timber Pizza Co. (809 Upshur St NW) is quickly becoming one of the city's favorites.
Chercher (1334 9th St NW) offers a special gluten-free injera — which is the spongy bread at the heart of a typical Ethiopian meal. The vegan or meaty dishes you get with your bread are anything but typical. You can sample the restaurant's best vegetarian offerings for $13.99-16.99.
Beef, avocado, cheese and lime come together for a delicious — and eye-catching — arepa ($15) in Shaw at The Royal (501 Florida Ave NW). You can visit pretty much any time of day: The restaurant opens in the morning for coffee service, offers $7 cocktails and $5 plates during happy hour and stays open for the late-night crowd.
Slurp up a flavorful bowl of ramen with flavorful kimchi and pickled ginger with rich, soft egg and braised pork ($15). The H Street spot (1234 H St NE) is a longtime favorite for bowls of ramen in the District, which range from a greens-heavy vegan option to a Teipei curry.
Diners will feel cozy in Mola's (155 Mt Pleasant St NW) dining room, where wooden decor, a brick wall and bright wallpapers create a homey feel. Choose one of their Catalan coca Spanish-style flatbreads: either an exotic combination of spinach, anchovy, pine nuts, chili and raisins or go pizza-style with zucchini, peppers, cheese and Serrano ham (each $14).
Içli Köfte — or kibbeh — comes in many forms. Ottoman Taverna (425 I St NW) in Mount Vernon's signature version blends lamb, beef, walnuts and is served with a parsley sauce ($12). It's a staple of their meze menu, but the restaurant also serves up main courses if you haven't had your fill of lamb.
However you like your tacos — with wild mushrooms and poblano peppers, pig confit, marinated chicken thigh or even sautéed grasshoppers — you have choices at Oyamel in Penn Quarter (401 7th St NW). Most tacos cost $4.50, but three varieties only cost $2 during happy hour.
Sour, spicy, sweet and bitter come together for a delicious, fresh tam som ($12), or papaya salad, at Thip Khao (3462 14th St NW), which has brought Lao cuisine closer to the mainstream (for lucky D.C. diners, at least). The most adventurous eaters can pick eats from the Jungle Menu, including hu muu todd — fried pig ears with fermented chili-fish sauce.
The sweet and rich blueberry pancakes ($12) at Unconventional Diner in Mount Vernon Triangle (1207 9th St. NW) feature a healthy helping of vanilla mascarpone and sprinkles of candied lemons. You gotta get there for brunch to try this dish.
Small plates star at Jose Andres' Jaleo, which has locations in D.C., Bethesda and Crystal City. Two must-try selections are the croquetas de pollo, a traditional chicken fritter ($10), and gazpacho, the classic chilled tomato soup ($10).
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