Philanthropist Announces $10 Million Donation to Jefferson Memorial Renovation

Businessman and philanthropist David Rubenstein announced a multimillion dollar donation for repairs to the Jefferson Memorial on Tuesday.

The $10 million donation will go toward repairing the bathrooms, the visitor center and the surrounding sidewalks.

“Hopefully what we’ll be able to do is make the experience of visiting the Jefferson Memorial even better than it has been,” Rubenstein said during his announcement. “Because what we’ll ultimately have is some underground education capabilities so that when people come here, they can actually learn more about thomas Jefferson.”

Black biofilm continues to be removed from the dome of the Jefferson Memorial and efforts will continue to ensure the monument will not sink anymore into the Tidal Basin.

David Rubenstein has now donated $65 million to help renovate the Jefferson and Lincoln memorials.

The National Park Service hopes to have all renovations completed by the fall of 2023.

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