Pet Peacocks Keep Neighbors Awake

Eight free-range peacocks are eight too many, neighbor says

A flock of peacocks is ruffling feathers in a quiet neighborhood in Harford County, Md.

And although we here at NBC should be positive about peacocks, it turns out they can be loud and annoying during breeding season. 

Lisa McNair has eight of the birds -- both peacocks and peahens (the female equivalent) -- in Abingdon. They were once caged, but someone complained to the county.

"If people would stay out of my business, my birds would still be penned," McNair said. "But they didn't, and Zoning came and said, release the birds."
Now the birds are free to roam the neighborhood -- and at least one neighbor isn't too happy about that, either.


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The neighbor didn't want to be identified, but said it's tough to get any sleep around there. "At first it was pretty," the neighbor said. "It was really unique and I took pictures. But I get up at 5 a.m., and it's not pretty anymore."
Harford County allows up to five peacocks on each property -- yes, it turns out there are actually laws about peacocks -- but the county doesn't allow owners to cage them because houses in the neighborhood are so close.
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