ROTC Member With Rubber Rifle Causes Alert at University of Maryland

All is clear at the University of Maryland after a report of a man armed with a long gun near Ritchie Coliseum on the College Park campus.

Two students reported seeing the man, according to the school.

The investigation determined he was an ROTC member in plain clothes carrying a rubber replica rifle.

After talking to two students who believed they saw a man with an AR-15 rifle, police reviewed surveillance camera video and saw the man get into a vehicle and leave the campus. Police talked to ROTC and determined the man was likely part of ROTC.

Campus Police Chief David Mitchell met with ROTC command staff to discuss the incident in hopes of preventing it from happening again.

As a precaution, the school sent an alert to students advising them to stay alert and follow the direction of police until the identity of the man could be verified.

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