Peeping Tom Caught in Giant Bathroom Ceiling: Police

Man refused to come down

Deputies say a Raleigh man was caught in crawling in the ceiling above the women's bathroom at a Stafford grocery store.

Javier Leiva Pena, 43, was arrested on Sunday in the Giant store on Worth Avenue and North Stafford Street.

Police said a store employee using the bathroom that afternoon looked up and noticed a hand sticking out of the ceiling.  She ran and got her manager, who returned and also saw the hand sticking through the tile of the drop ceiling, according to police.  The manager said he could hear someone scurrying around in the ceiling area.  The manager told the person to come down, but he got no response.

Sheriff's deputies were called.  In the men’s room, the deputies found a ceiling tile removed above a locked stall. Using a ladder, they accessed the ceiling area, where they found the suspect.  According to deputies, the man appeared to be intoxicated.  Police said that the man had crawled through the drop ceiling and broke through the sheetrock that separated the men’s room from the women’s.

He's been charged with being a peeping tom and possession of marijuana.  Pena is currently held in the Rappahannock Regional Jail.

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