Pedestrian Crossing Signal Installed at Site of Fatal Accident

A pedestrian crossing signal was installed last week at the corner of Florida Avenue and 11th Street NE, which was the site of a fatal accident last March.

Ruby Whitfield, 71, was struck in the crosswalk March 21 by a drunk driver, now charged with voluntary manslaughter.

The pedestrian HAWK, High-Intensity Activated crossWalk, is only the sixth of its kind installed in the District.

They have been installed on busy, high-traffic roadways where the majority of drivers do not yield to pedestrians. HAWK signals are installed on roadways that do not meet standards for a conventional traffic signal.

Members of Whitfield's church fought for the signal to be installed.

"For D.C., I think it's a good thing for them to have something like this just to prevent anything like that from happening again," Keith Brown said.

Residents of the area told News4 they have a new sense of security, although change seems to be coming very slowly.

"It doesn't seemed to have slowed anybody down... people still kind of sweep through here," Merrie Ieininger said.

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