Pedestrian Crossing Confusion Near Tysons Corner Silver Line

Fairfax County leaders told News4 they will be looking into the lack of adequate crossing signals at newly configured intersections in Tysons Corner.

As new development springs up in Tysons Corner thanks to Metro’s Silver Line, some crossing signals at Leesburg Pike and Tyco Road are dark and covered, leaving pedestrians to guess when they should make their move.

"As a matter of fact, last week I was nearly hit,” said Steven Daniher, who has lived in Tysons Corner for about a decade. “I timed it so that I went across and stopped, waited for the whole signal to change, but about halfway across, the signal changed on me."

New development is not directly related to the rail project and really isn't their responsibility, Silver Line project leaders said.

“Remember that there were no pedestrian signals at this intersection before the rail project, so this is a significant improvement,” said a statement from the Silver Line project.

Silver Line project leaders are the ones responsible for turning on the pedestrian signals, but they said all of them won't be on until Route 7 is in its final four-lane configuration and the Silver Line project is basically done. That could take months.

"That answer is not satisfactory to me,” Hunter Mill District Supervisor Cathy Hudgins said. “We have to look at how it is impacting folks today."

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