Passing the Blame Around in Churchill High Cheating Scandal

Teachers and IT personnel may also be scrutinized over grade changing

Getty Images

Teachers and the IT team at Churchill High School in Potomac may also be in the hot seat regarding January's grade-changing scandal. 

That's when a group of kids, whose names have not been released, got into some teachers' computers and changed grades. They raised the grades of their friends and lowered their enemies, like a modern-day "Revenge of the Nerds."

According to the Washington Examiner, teachers must have left their computers on and unguarded for the scandal to have occurred in the first place.  The IT team at the school is also under scrutiny for not disabling the USB drive on the computers. Once the students broke into the computers, the newspaper reports, they probably used a USB stick to install a program that would cough up the teachers' user names and passwords.

The cheating students certainly hold most of the guilt,  but now there seems like enough blame to get passed around.

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