Parking Amnesty Begins In D.C.


Drivers who owe old traffic fines in D.C. are catching a break starting today.

The District will now grant amnesty on late fees for old parking tickets and traffic citations.

For the next six months, people can pay tickets dated before Jan. 1, 2010 without extra penalties, which can often double the cost.

"Parking tickets near my workplace, can be like $250 a piece, and they can be very strict enforcing them, even if you're just a couple of minutes after," says one driver, Aulia Shariat.

Another driver, Kenneth Johnson says while he appreciates the amnesty, the city is too lenient.

"They miss a lot of people who park illegally, and who double-park when they shouldn't double-park," he says.

The city does expect to collect about $6.3 million off the amnesty period.

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