Park Police Remind Gun Rights Activists of D.C. Law

Open Carry March on Washington canceled

U.S. Park Police want to remind anyone who was planning to participate in an Open Carry March on Washington July 4 that the march was canceled and that D.C. prohibits carrying a rifle or shotgun within the city.

Organizer and Iraq war veteran Adam Kokesh canceled the march and urged people to protest gun regulations at their state capitols instead.

He originally planned for at least a thousand people to march with their guns from Virginia across Memorial Bridge into Washington, prompting police to make plans for extra staffing.

Park Police remind that parts of the George Washington Memorial Parkway -- Theodore Roosevelt Island and Columbia Island -- are located in D.C., as are these access points to the islands:

  • The foot bridge leading on to Theodore Roosevelt Island from the parking lot off of the GWMP southbound.
  • Northbound GWMP and the Mt. Vernon Trail in the area of Humpback Bridge to Theodore Roosevelt Island.
  • Ramp to Route 50 from northbound GWMP to Columbia Island.
  • Memorial Avenue to Columbia Island.
  • Southbound GWMP south of Theodore Roosevelt Island to Humpback Bridge.
  • Boundary Channel Drive at Route 27 to Columbia Island.
  • LBJ Memorial Grove footbridge (leading from the Pentagon parking lot) to Columbia Island.
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