Park Police Continue McPherson Square Cleanup

Cleanup started on Saturday continues

On Monday, National Park personnel dressed in biohazard suits hauled away dirty tents from McPherson Square, some of them containing bottles of urine and rat carcasses.

In a sweep of the Occupy camps that began early Saturday morning, Park Police have been pulling out tents and bedding deemed to be in violation of the no-camping rule.  Last week, the Park Police announced they'd allow demonstrators to continue their occupation of McPherson Square and Freedom Plaza in a 24-hour vigil, but could not sleep at either location.

The heavy police presence in the park on Saturday and Sunday led to altercations with the remaining demonstrators, leading to a dozen arrests.  One man was charged with felony assault after throwing a liquid-filled soda bottle -- not a brick, as originally reported -- that hit a park police officer in the face.  The officer was not seriously injured.

In McPherson Square, the Occupy D.C. camp is noticeably emptier than in months past.  Park Police remain on the scene there to enforce the no camping rule.

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