Parents to Honor Slain Daughter With High School Scholarship

The parents of Ashanti Billie are still mourning the death of their daughter, but they say they have found a new mission and are finding peace in knowing that her death was part of God’s plan.

Billie, 19, grew up in Prince George's County, Maryland, and moved to Norfolk, Virginia, to follow her dreams. Those dreams ended last month when she was found dead.

"She wanted to open a bakery," Brandy Billie, Ashanti Billie’s mother, said. "That’s been her dream, her desire for years."

"She worked at a sandwich shop," Meltony Billie, Ashanti Billie’s father, said. "Going to something that was part of her passion to help her move forward in her future, and that’s the last time she was seen."

Ashanti Billie was last seen on a U.S. Navy base in Norfolk during the morning of Sept. 8. Police said her remains were found near a church in Charlotte, North Carolina 11 days later. 

Her parents have made it their mission is to make sure her legacy lives on.

"We’ve started the Ashanti Foundation, and our goal is to offer one scholarship to a deserving student graduating from Dr. Henry A. Wise High School in Upper Marlboro to attend the Art Institute," said Brandy Billie.

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