Parents of Virginia Teen Injured in Central Park Explosion Trying to Find Good Samaritan

Investigators are still looking for who is responsible for a 2016 explosion in Central Park that blew off the lower leg of a Virginia teen -- but newly found social media posts could help the college student meet the person who potentially saved his life.

Connor Golden, a graduate of Oakton High School in Fairfax County, suffered a grievous injury to one of his legs after stepping on an explosive during the Fourth of July weekend. At the time, Golden was a freshman at the University of Miami visiting New York.

A series of Instagram comments point to a Good Samaritan who may have saved Golden's life that day.

Someone who posted under the name "miloturambar" wrote:

"I was the guy that was stopping his bleeding. I am really worry about him i will like to know jis condition. [SIC]"

"I was using a belt for the tourniquet till the police and paramedics arrived. [SIC]"

Golden's parents say they want to find the person who helped their son while he waited for the paramedics.


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"That was an extremely powerful piece of information for us to see for the first time and we would love nothing better than to thank that individual or put him in touch with Connor," said Golden's father, Kevin Golden.

But the Instagram user has not responded to the Goldens' messages.

In another post, "miloturambar" suggested he may have left the chaotic scene before speaking to police.

"The police told me to leave after the paramedics arrived," he wrote.

"The thought that potential witnesses were being shooed away is a little bit disturbing," Kevin Golden said.

A spokesman for the ATF was unable to talk about whether investigators ever questioned "miloturambar."

“The case remains ongoing, thus limiting our ability to comment further at this time,” the spokesman said.

The News4 I-Team was unable to verify that the person behind the social media account is the one who stopped Connor's bleeding.

Connor's parents said he was in so much shock at the time that he doesn't remember who helped him that day.

The Goldens are hoping someone in the public will recognize the pictures of "miloturambar" on social media and step forward.

In the meantime, Connor has focused on his recovery and has become more comfortable with his prosthetic foot.

He prefers to stay out of the media spotlight, but his parents are learning to use the media to spread their message about the explosion.

Connor's mother, Carol Golden, wrote an op-ed for the New York Times and authored a petition urging investigators to classify the explosion as a terror investigation. The explosive that maimed Connor was TAT-P - the same homemade concoction used in recent jihadist attacks across the globe.

"To us, and to everyone we know who are familiar with the circumstances, it has the tell-tale signs of being terrorism," Kevin Golden said.

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