Parents Left Baby Alone in Unlocked Home: Police

A Maryland couple has been charged with leaving their 8-month-old son alone in an unlocked home, Anne Arundel County Police said Monday. 

A man called police Sunday night after finding the baby alone in a playpen inside the Belle Grove Road home. The man told police that the boy's parents had been staying with him, but he did not know how long the baby had been alone or where the parents were.

The baby was wearing a diaper, and the home was unlocked. 

Officers were still at the scene when the Cody Wolford, 23, and Christina Justice, 22, returned. Wolford and Justice told police that they put the child to sleep for the night and thought the baby would be fine while they went to the Royal Farm's store about one mile from the home. The parents said they were only gone for about 20 minutes.

Both were arrested on the scene and charged with neglect of a minor and confined unattended child.

Child Protective Services was notified, and the baby was placed with his grandparents.  

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