Parade for Prince George's Asst. Principal Who Lost Husband to COVID-19

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A Maryland community came together Thursday evening to lift the spirits of an assistant principal who lost her husband to COVID-19.

Curtis Orr, a 55-year-old who loved to smile and dance, recently died. Tamela Taylor-Orr said what hurts more than anything is knowing her husband died alone.

“I just think it’s awful that you can’t be with him because I know that he was scared. That’s one thing for sure. I know he was scared by himself at the hospital,” she said.

Taylor-Orr is the assistant principal at Samuel Ogle Middle School in Bowie.

She said she has been depressed and lonely since her husband’s death.

But Thursday, students, parents and friends threw a small parade outside her house.

“It made me feel special,” she said. “It made me feel that they felt what I was going through.”

Although she continues to grieve, she is grateful for the community and relieved to find out she tested negative for the coronavirus.

“I am very grateful and thankful, but I have questions, as why?” she said. “Like, what do I have in me? Why didn’t I get it?

Taylor-Orr looks forward to returning to Samuel Ogle Middle School when Prince George’s County public schools reopen.

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