Virginia Pizza Shop Worker Finds $6,000 Cash, Helps Return It to Owner

"Everyone said, 'You did such a great thing,' and I say it was the right thing to do'"

What would you do if you found $6,000 cash? 

A 20-year-old worker at a pizza place in Stafford County, Virginia, recently did the right thing and called authorities.

Morgan Burnley was at work at Papa John's Pizza the morning of Feb. 16 when she went to take out the trash. She closed the dumpster lid and saw a big wad of cash on the ground. 

"When I saw this money, I was like, 'Somebody has to be looking for this,'" she said Friday. "Someone didn't drop this on the ground on purpose."

Burnley told the store manager what she found and they called the Stafford County Sheriff's Office. 

A sheriff's deputy picked up the cash and was able to return it to its rightful owner. He had accidentally thrown it away while taking out garbage, sheriff's department spokeswoman Amanda Vicinanzo said. 

The sheriff's department praised Burnley for her honesty. 


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"We're so grateful and so proud of Morgan and her integrity," Vicinanzo said."The owner would be out of the money if it wasn't for her." 

On Tuesday, the sheriff's department thanked Burnley with a certificate and commemorative coin. 

Burnley shrugged off the honor. 

"Everyone said, 'You did such a great thing,' and I say it was the right thing to do," she said.

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