Panda Pregnancy Watch

The National Zoo's giant female panda is only getting one line -- not two -- on her pregnancy test, but that doesn't mean the possibility of a cub is out, officials said.

Mei Xiang had her second ultrasound Monday morning but there was no sign of a fetus, according to the Washington Post. The Zoo artificially inseminated her in January.

Zoo scientists said that's not a definitive "no." It could be weeks before there's any sign of a little cub. For now, they are continuing to monitor her condition to establish future data.

This could be the zoo's last chance to breed Mei Xiang and 12-year-old Tian Tian. The pair is on a 10-year loan from China that expires later this year. At that point they could be returned.

Washingtonians have seen a number of false pregnancies with Mei Xiang. But few will forget 2005 when her lone cub, Tai Shan, was born. Last month Tai Shan was sent to China as part of a breeding program in that country.

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