Sophia Barnes

Hoping for a Cub, Zookeepers Temporarily Close Panda Habitat

Zookeepers, hopeful that 19-year-old panda Mei Xiang is pregnant, temporarily closed the panda habitat near her den at the National Zoo.

Mei Xiang was artificially inseminated in March and has been sleeping a lot, eating less and building a nest — all signs that a bundle of panda joy could be on the way.

Zookeepers haven't yet been able to confirm the pregnancy and it's possible Mei Xiang is experiencing a pseudo pregnancy. Still, Mei Xiang is being watched 24 hours a day to look for signs of birth.

Panda pregnancies can last from three to six months.

You can still get your panda fix with the zoo's Panda Cam. You can also look for Bei Bei and Tian Tian daily before 2 p.m. in their outdoor enclosure, which is still open.

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