Out-of-Control Driver Crashes Through Busy DC Restaurant

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A driver crashed a car entirely into a restaurant in the Tenleytown neighborhood of Northwest D.C. Thursday night.

Miraculously, no one was hurt at Le Chat Noir.

Surveillance footage from a gas station across Wisconsin Avenue shows a white sedan driven onto the sidewalk and through the restaurant at about 7 p.m. — dinnertime.

General Manager Hasan Meite said he was thankful everyone is OK.

"Thank God nobody got hurt, because it was a family of six people sitting on the left, a family of four on the right side. And the car just passed through those two tables," he said. "They didn't get any glass, nothing on them, and that's really amazing for us."

The D.C. fire department said the driver also was OK.

Kevin Coreas and Jermaine Stroble saw it happen across the street, at Tenleytown Automotive.

"I just coincidentally looked up to see the car drive right through it, and then I heard a noise and I was just shocked," Coreas said.

The two said they were just as shocked to learn everyone was safe.

The restaurant's manager said they have insurance, the damage should be covered and the employees will be taken care of. He said they hope to reopen by late next week.

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