Metro Trains Delayed After Teen Jumps Onto Tracks at Eastern Market, Metro Police Say

Getty Images

Metro trains were delayed during morning rush hour Thursday after a 14-year-old girl jumped onto the tracks, Metro Transit Police say.

The train operator was able to stop the train and did not hit the girl, officials said. Police said the girl did not suffer any visible injuries.

Other Metro customers were able to get the girl back onto the platform, Metro officials said. The girl then took off running, but was stopped by officials and taken to a local hospital for evaluation.

After the incident, outbound trains bypassed the Capitol South and Eastern Market stations, and Orange, Blue and Silver line trains single-tracked between Eastern Market and Federal Center SW.

Trains resumed service on both tracks about 9:15 a.m.

Silver Line trains were turning around at the Ballston station to avoid contributing to congestion in the District, but they resumed service to downtown D.C. again around the same time.

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