Operation Christmas Miracle

Operation Christmas Miracle is the spirit of holiday giving at its finest. The Central Union Mission in Northwest Washington volunteers gave more than 1,000 children toys, books and clothing Saturday. 

The donations were given children who live in the District that otherwise wouldn't have presents this holiday season.

Close to it's 100th year, Central Union Mission volunteers filled hundreds of bags with gifts and handed them out to the children who range in age from a few months to 17.

Donations for the event were raised through contributions from individuals and organizations throughout the city. 

Like most holiday drives, bringing in money was challenging this year, because of the economy. But in the end folks came through and there was a heavy stream of happy kids coming and going with their new gifts.

The Central Union Mission is a vital institution in the city. It is the oldest social service provider, founded before the Civil War.

The Mission, located on R Street, brings the city a variety of essential services to help those who are homeless or in need with emergency food, lodging, warm clothing, hot meals and long-term rehabilitation.

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