Open-Air Drug Market “The Yard” Busted in Prince George’s County

Prince George’s County police arrested two people and seized drugs and guns at a what they described as an open-air drug market along a busy road in Upper Marlboro, Maryland, Sept. 10.

“The Yard” along Marlboro Pike is a place where drug dealers and users would meet to buy and sell drugs, police said.

“They were coming in one spot where they could swap, purchase, use and leave,” Prince George’s County police Capt. Hamby said.

Police said they seized 440 street-size doses of crack cocaine, 124 street doses of Percocet and eight guns.

Among 30 people present during the raid, 52-year-old Wayne David Burley and 23-year-old Ernest Antonio Ward, 23, were arrested and charged with multiple drug possession charges.

Not arrested were Carl and Charles Matthews. The 60-year-old twins said the property has been in their family for years. They said they don't sell drugs but they let people hang out and party.

"'The Yard’ was a magnet for problems in the community,” Hamby said. “Shutting it down will make a positive difference for neighbors."

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