One in Four College Students Say They Hesitate to Reveal Nationality, Religion

Almost one in four college students surveyed said they’ve hesitated to report their nationality or religion because they believe someone might judge them harshly.

That’s the result of a survey of campuses across the nation just published by students at American University. 

Journalism students surveyed more than 700 students for a project they called “UncertainU.” 

And they found a range of opinion: twenty percent of the students surveyed said undocumented students should not be allowed to enroll in U.S. colleges. Sixty percent said they should.

They also told the personal stories of many students, including those in the country on student visas, students who were so-called “dreamers,” as well as students who were undocumented.

One undocumented student described “pouring his heart out” in his application to Georgetown; he was accepted on a full scholarship.

Another described learning that she was undocumented at 13 years old, when she discovered she couldn't travel to Ireland with her Girl Scout troop.

"To be told that my existence was illegal, that my reality in the States was forbidden, that was very hard to wrap my head around," said Analucia Lopezrevoredo, who is now 31 and has her green card.

To read the survey, the interviews and the rest of UncertainU, click here.

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