Off-Duty Nurse Credited With Saving Stabbing Victim's Life

Thanks to a Montgomery County nurse who went beyond the call of duty on her way home from work, a man stabbed 14 times is still alive.

An 18-year-old man was meeting a friend at a Wheaton apartment building in April 2013 when Devante McNeil punched him in the face and repeatedly stabbed him. The victim stumbled out of the building to find help and saw the nurse driving by him.

"He was waving at me,” she said. “'Take me to the hospital, I'm going to die.’"

"The blood was coming from everywhere, but the main place the blood was coming from so much was his jugular vein," she said.

She called 911, and her nursing instincts took over.

"I had to take my jacket off and try to apply pressure, so I was applying the pressure,” she said. “He wanted to talk. I told him, Don't talk."

Montgomery County State’s Attorney John McCarthy applauds the nurse.


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"This was a vicious, premeditated attack, and it's only miraculously because of the intervention of a good Samaritan that the victim in this case is alive," he said.

Detectives found a bloody knife, and surveillance video showed McNeil leaving the scene of the crime. He was convicted of attempted murder and could be sentenced to 30 years in prison.

The nurse is convinced a higher power put her on Georgia Avenue that night.

"It's all God,” she said. “I guess God wanted me to be there at that time."

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