Octopi, Dresses, Guitars: Smithsonian Celebrates Emoji Day With Real-Life Examples

"Send us an emoji and we'll try to send you a related object from our collection," the museum told its Twitter followers

Wednesday is World Emoji Day, and no one's celebrating it better — or more thoroughly — than the Smithsonian's National Museum of American History.

About 9:30 a.m., the museum tweeted, "Okay #WorldEmojiDay, let's do this!! Send us an emoji and we'll try to send you a related object from our collection @amhistorymuseum."

And boy, have they delivered. As requests piled up — everything from the octopus emoji to golf to hamburgers to beer — curators at the museum have been responding with images, gifs and backstories of historic items from their extensive collection.

One user tweeted a guitar emoji to the museum, which responded with an image of Prince's Yellow Cloud electric guitar. A golf emoji yielded a box of promotional golf tees from Dwight Eisenhower's campaign stating, "We're Fore 'Ike'."

Another user tweeted a burger emoji.

"Hamburger yo-yo? Don't mind if we do," the museum responded, sharing an image of just such an object.

And they haven't balked at repeat requests. One user who shared an octopus emoji got a response featuring Space Invader vitamins; another got a sketch of Ursula from Disney's "Ariel."

You can see the full thread here.

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