Supporters Wait Outside Prayer Service to Get Glimpse of Obama

Invitation-only service doesn't keep people away

The fanfare and celebrations may be over, but people in Washington are still energized by the new president.

A small crowd gathered outside the National Cathedral Wednesday, hoping to catch a glimpse of Barack Obama. He started his first day in office at the National Prayer Service at the Cathedral.

And his supporters followed.

Even though the service was invitation-only, they came just to be a part of the day -- to say they were there.

They had prayers of their own, too. They said they hope the president gets the economy back on track, creates new jobs, improves healthcare for Americans and stays in touch with the American people. But they also said they're praying that everyone stands by President Obama as he faces the enormous challenges of his administration, because the change he's promised will not happen quickly and Americans need to work with him to deliver that promise.

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