Obama Honors Md. Teacher at the Rose Garden

President Barack Obama presented Michelle Shearer, of Maryland, the 2011 National Teacher of the Year award.

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President Barack Obama and Secretary of Education Arne Duncan escort the 2011 National Teacher of the Year award recipient, Michelle Shearer, during a ceremony in the Rose Garden Tuesday.
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Presenting the award has been a presidential tradition since President Harry Truman.
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Shearer is a chemistry teacher at Urbana High School in Frederick, Md.
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Shearer represents all teachers who are committed to improving their own skills in order to better educate their students, Obama said.
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Obama reiterated his call for Congress to make the No Child Left Behind education law less punitive and more flexible, changes he said would help teachers be more successful in the classroom.
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He said America's future success depends on the strength of its education system.
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Obama and Duncan posed for pictures with state Teacher of the Year winners during the ceremony.
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Obama and Duncan walk back into the Rose Garden after presenting the Teacher of the Year award.
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