Obama Gives Back-to-School Interview to Kids

Kids give White House reporters a run for their money

If you're worried about the future of journalism, take solace in Topanga Sena and Jacob Schroeder.

The two 10-year-olds sat down with President Obama in the White House for an exclusive back-to-school interview set up by the Scholastic Kids Press Corps. The pair grilled the President like Bobby Flay grills a bourbon-glazed mango, asking tough questions about the economy, education and 9/11, among other topics.

“Mr. President,” Topanga began, “I live in central Florida, and some of my friends and some children in my neighborhood have had to live in hotels because their parents lost their jobs and lost their home to foreclosure. What would you say to kids and families who are struggling in this economy?”

Later, Jacob asked about the president's favorite reads: "When you were our age what did you like to read?" FYI, The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit are on the presidential reading list.

The interview took place on July 15, but footage from the exchange was just published recently.

The Scholastic Kids Press Corps is a team of about 50 kids, ages 10-14, from around the country who report on breaking news, entertainment, and sports from their hometowns. Their stories appear online at the Scholastic News Kids Press Corps website and in issues of Scholastic Classroom Magazines.

The program is now accepting applications from prospective reporters and watchpups. The deadline is Oct 11 and you can find the application here.

Watch out Juicebox Mafia: the Binky Mafia's in town and they're taking names and checking facts.

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