Obama Girls Become Victims of “Automation”

Washington Times publishes president's daughters above murder story

President Obama and his wife Michele have said that they want their daughters to have as normal a childhood as their situation will allow while they're living in the White House.

They have taken extra care to insure a stable, safe and secure environment for the girls, and, until now, things seemed to have been going smoothly.

But on Wednesday, a photograph in the Washington Times showed Malia, 10, and Sasha, 7, above the headline, "36 Chicago area students killed sets record."

"The two girls are not mentioned in the story," The Huffington Post reports, "and aside from having at one point been school children in Chicago, have no conceivable connection to it."

After it was pointed out by a blogger, The Times explained that technology -- not a person -- was to blame for the unfortunate error.

"The theme engine, through automation, grabbed a photo it thought was relevant, and attached it to the story," Editor John Solomon said apologetically.

This, as newspapers are losing more and more of their staffs to technology.  Go figure.

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