Not-So-Sweet 16 Party

Chaos, fights ensue when party crashers turned away

A series of fights brought an abrupt end to a Sweet 16 party at a Prince George's County hotel Friday night.

Police say the birthday girl's parents reserved space at the Four Points Sheraton in New Carrollton for their daughter and about 100 of her closest friends. But some teens not on the invite list had a different idea.

Unbeknownst to the parents, flyers were printed, advertising "Neshae's Hollywood Sweet 16." Invitations also went out over the Internet. At least 400 young people showed up. Much to their dismay, the party crashers were told they could not come in, and chaos ensued. Police say a series of fights broke out, and the first officers on the scene had to call for backup.

Chopper 4 captured droves of rowdy teens spilling out into the streets of New Carrollton, some of whom were clearly agitated. About 70 police officers responded, along with a police helicopter, to try to get the unruly young people under control.

When all was said and done, police detained four juveniles who will be charged with fighting.

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