Fairfax County Police

Wife Prays for 73-Year-Old Man's Survival After Virginia ATM Shooting

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The wife of a 73-year-old man seriously injured in a shooting at an ATM in Virginia Wednesday morning is praying for his survival.

“It makes me sad and emotional,” she said.

Her husband is in critical condition, fighting for his life.

“It’s a sad event,” she said. “I’m sorry that it happened.”

Fairfax County police released video showing her husband getting out of his Jeep to get cash at a Wells Fargo ATM about 5:20 a.m. Wednesday when a masked man walked up and demanded cash. The victim dropped his wallet, and his credit cards spilled on the ground.

When he turned to enter his PIN, the suspect shot him in the chest and ran away without getting any money, police said.

The victim and his wife separated in 1998 but remained close friends, and she said she spoke to him before he went to the ATM.

“I’m emotional and I’m really mad at the event of what’s going on,” she said. “You know, it burns a whole lot inside of you.”

She hopes someone recognizes the shooter’s black and white shoes and his backpack. She wants him to turn himself in to police.

“If he comes up and gives himself up, I’ll forgive him deep in my heart,” she said. “Really, I really will. I’m trying to be a Christian, now.”

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