De’shon Jenkins

Virginia Woman Fighting for Justice Year After 21-Year-Old Son's Death

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A Virginia woman who witnessed the shooting of her 21-year-old son is still seeking justice a year after his death.

The victim’s mother, who wants to remain anonymous because she is a witness, wants to know why there have been no arrests, even though the suspects reportedly have been identified.

“Today is the anniversary of when everything occurred,” she said Friday. “It’s like I can see the whole thing unfold again.”

De’Shon Jenkins, who had recently changed his name to King Love, was a new father when his daughter’s mother, another woman he knew and a man pulled up in front of an Alexandria high rise Oct. 9, 2019.

A confrontation led to shots being fired.

“When they moved the car and then he fell,” his mother said. “Every day, I see him fall. It’s kind of like agony every day.”

She said she’s been told the pandemic slowed the investigation.

Police said the evidence is in the commonwealth’s attorney’s hands. He said he can’t comment on a pending case.

Jenkins’ mother also grieves because her son’s children will grow up without their father. Her son learned of a girlfriend’s pregnancy just eight days before he was shot. The little one now carries his name.

“When I hold his son, he’s a twin, and it’s like he just should be here to raise his kids,” she said.

She’ll gather loved ones and friends in an Alexandria park for a launch of black balloons at 5 p.m. Saturday to remember her son. She’s had facemasks made that bear his nickname.

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