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Middle School Students Holding Fight Clubs and Parents Are Aware: Principal

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A middle school principal in Loudoun County sent a stern message to parents about students participating in fight clubs.

The mother of a student at Lunsford Middle School in Chantilly told News4 her daughter came home recently and said some of her classmates showed up to school with bruised and bloodied faces. Word spread that the kids were hosting fight clubs at home.

Last week, the principal sent a letter home to parents saying students have started social media accounts dedicated to the fights with at least one using the school's name in the account.

Principal Carrie Simms said some fights were staged in the school and she acted.

“Many parents are well aware of their child's participation in them," Simms wrote.

"We cannot tell you how to parent, but when your children create TikToks and Instagram pages using Lunsford's name and then attempt to hold these fights in our hallways and bathrooms, we will take action," she wrote.

The mother who spoke to News4 said she wasn’t at all surprised parents are aware. She said she applauds Simms and believes Loudoun County Public Schools is taking it seriously and responding appropriately.

From an administrative level, the school district said it can't comment on specifics because it involves student discipline.

The Loudoun County Sheriff's Office said it isn't aware of any issues with fight clubs.

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