Prince William County

Man, 80, Says He Shot and Killed Son, 60, in Self-Defense

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An 80-year-old Virginia man shot and killed his 60-year-old son Sunday night. He told police it was self-defense, and he was not arrested.

As officers went to the scene in the 14500 block of Fullerton Road in Woodbridge before 9 p.m., a police dispatcher told them the caller said his son tried to kill him.

The man cooperated with police and exited the house.

“Was very forthcoming with us as far as not putting up a fight when we detained him or anything like that,” Prince William County police First Sgt. Jonathan Perok said. “We were able to bring him down, question him. We’re trying to figure out now – because they were the only two that were in the residence at the time – was this a criminal act or was this kind of somewhat self-defense?”

The man told News4 he had to put his wife in the hospital, which angered his son.

The man said he was in his bedroom when his son came at him in a threatening way, and he grabbed a gun and shot him.

He said his wife didn’t know what happened and he was going to go to the hospital to tell her.

Homicide detectives will examine the evidence they found inside the house and compare it to what the man told them, police said. The case will then be reviewed by the commonwealth’s attorney to see if it warrants any charges.

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