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Loudoun Board Interrupts Man After He Describes Hypothetical Death of Member

In making his point against a new gun ordinance, the man posed a graphic scenario that resulted in the hypothetical death of Loudoun supervisor Juli Briskman

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Legally wearing a gun on his hip, an opponent of a proposed gun ordinance in Loudoun County, Virginia, described to the Board of Supervisors a hypothetical scenario where a Black Lives Matter supporter pulls a shotgun on a President Donald Trump supporter driving a Jeep.

"When the Jeep is close and parallel to her, she fires — boom!" Rohland said during the public comment portion at Tuesday night's meeting. "The buckshot pattern shatters the glass before sending it into the driver's head. The driver's nerves cause the Jeep to veer into the crowd, hitting [Algonkian District Supervisor] Juli Briskman and pinning her to a tree. An injury that would kill her."

At that point, Board Chair Phyllis Randall interrupted Rohland. "Mr. Rohland, Mr. Rohland," she could be heard saying and banging a gavel. "No, no, no, no, no, no."

Briskman and the board voted in favor of writing an ordinance banning guns in public buildings, county parks and rec centers.

"The board is attempting to pass a resolution to ban firearms on county property based on something that has not occurred," Rohland told News4. "My speech last night created a scenario that also has not occurred."

Supervisor Briskman, the hypothetical victim in Rohland's scenario, responded as well.

"Look at Virginia Beach. Municipal building, carrying in that building allowed, 12 people are now dead," she told News4. "So in fact, we don't need a hypothetical to prove my point."

The final vote on Loudoun County's ordinance is likely a month or two away.

The cities of Alexandria and Falls Church have already banned guns on government property. Stafford, Spotsylvania, Culpeper and Fauquier counties have said they will not ban guns on government property.

CORRECTION (Sept. 3, 2020, 5:49 p.m.): An earlier version of this story said Mr. Rohland's was cut off. He was interrupted but allowed to finish.

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