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Humane Society Saves Puppy From Euthanasia After Accident

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A 4-month-old puppy faced euthanasia after being hit by a car until a Virginia Humane Society stepped in to save him.

Cash's first owner got him to help hunt bears, but well before his first hunt, Cash was hit by a car.

Rose Rogers of the Middleburg Humane Society said the veterinarian wanted to amputate Cash's hind leg.

“And the owner's response was that won't work so well for bear hunting, so the owner decided to have Cash euthanized," Rogers said.

But the vet just couldn't bring herself to do it; her 10-year-old daughter was in the room at the time.

They made some calls and the Middleburg Humane Society took in the wounded pup.

"That's why we're here; we're here for the tough cases," Rogers said.

Cash needed an expensive surgery to repair his leg, but first he needed some shots.

“That's where Cash met Connie," Rogers said.

“I just saw his face and fell in love with him," Connie Wise said.

Wise is a vet tech at the clinic that gave Cash his shots.

“This is my first dog that I've fostered, but there was this in my heart, I just knew I had to do it," she said.

Wise said she wants to adopt Cash but might adopt him to a different forever home so she can foster again.

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