Fairfax County Condo Building Evacuated Due to Fire

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A 24-unit condominium complex in Fairfax County was evacuated Monday morning when fire broke out.

The fire apparently started on a balcony on one of the upper floors at the left side of the building. When the flames spread through the attic, they burned toward Adam Phan’s unit.

Phan smelled smoke first, then heard knocking on his door.

“It was our neighbor just telling everyone else to get out, the fire is coming,” he said. “My roommate and I just literally got our keys and our phone and whatever we were wearing and walked out, and the far part on the left quickly went up in smoke and started spreading over to the middle side of the building.”

For Leisa Serrano and her mom, the middle of the morning was interrupted with an unexpected and frightening sound.

“The fire alarm just started ringing like crazy,” she said. “Then after that we kind of like smelled the fire and we just went out straight away.”

Firefighters arrived just before 11 a.m. as the residents fled the building.

“Flames showing when we got here into the attic, running across the attic space, the entire building,” Fairfax County Fire and Rescue Department Deputy Chief Brad Cochrane said. 

“I’m a little bit worried about my belongings because I work from home, so a lot of my equipment and belongings are up in there,” Phan said. 

No residents were injured, but one firefighter was taken to the hospital with a minor injury.

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