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Attempt to Remove 2 Loudoun School Board Members Fails

“We really started a movement here in Loudoun County that has spread throughout Virginia and the country,” Ian Prior of the group Fight for Schools said

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An attempt to remove two members of Loudoun County Public Schools’ board has failed. 

A judge threw out recall petitions on Monday that a conservative political group brought against board members Atoosa Reaser and Brenda Sheridan. 

The group Fight for Schools had claimed the board members were negligent of their duties in office. 

The judge said the recall petitions did not show enough evidence to support removal. 

Regardless, the efforts have had a significant impact. 

“We really started a movement here in Loudoun County that has spread throughout Virginia and the country,” Ian Prior said. 

Reaser herself spoke about the effect of the recall attempt.

"I will never be able to put into words the toll this process took on my family and the families that I serve,” she said.

On the edge of courthouse grounds were signs speaking for community members who feel too intimidated by the conservative movement to speak for themselves. 

Tammy Cummins and Katie Smith started the sign project. 

"I'm [someone] who is feeling compelled now to get involved,” Smith said. “I was never politically active before and I actually — it's been kind of increasing in the last couple of years. Now I'm out there."

Northern Virginia Bureau Reporter Drew Wilder speaks with Scott Smith, the parent of a teenager who was sexually assaulted at a Loudoun County High School.

Monday’s decision effectively closes the chapter on the attempt to remove the school board members from their seats. But there's still a special grand jury investigating Loudoun County schools for their alleged mishandling of two sexual assault cases. 

Ahead of upcoming elections, the cases are expected to be part of the political conversation at the local level, state level and possibly even the national level.

Northern Virginia Bureau Reporter Drew Wilder reports on a packed meeting of Loudoun County's election board with some speakers claiming evidence of voter fraud.

With the recall campaigns over, Fight For Schools said it will likely change gears and work to help conservative politicians win elections, focusing firsts on Virginia's 10th congressional district, which is up for election this November.

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