Northern Virginia Neighborhood in the Dark, Cold for Two Days

On Chimney Lane in southern Fairfax County, Va., it was almost as cold inside the houses as outside Tuesday.

The half dozen residents faced a second day without power. About 2 a.m. Monday as the sleet began to coat trees, some pines came down across the road, dragging power lines with them.

"It went out in the early morning Monday, and we have three kids, and it gets cold fast. We're on a well system so we lose water, we lose power, we lose it all," said a frustrated Brian Tray.

When the temperature in his house dropped to 50 degrees, Tray's wife and young children shipped out to the in-laws in Annandale. Tray said he'd like to use his chainsaw to help Dominion Virginia Power get a head start on the repair, but the utility company has instructed him to stay away from the tangle of limbs and power lines.

Across the road, the Rogers family is hunkering down, cooking food in the fireplace with MRE's ready as backup.

"What are you gonig to do? You just try to have as much fun as you can," said Sandy Rogers, bundled up inside with extra layers of clothing, a winter hat and a scarf. "Friends are here coooking over an open fire, so we're makign a party out of it."

Her husband, Tom Rogers, had hoped to use a new generator for the first time, but it malfunctioned. With the road blocked by trees, no one can come for repairs.

But the residents of Chimney Lane got good news late Tuesday afternoon: A contractor hired by Dominion Power rolled up to start assessing the situation. A Dominion spokesman told News4 they hope to have power restored to nearly all customers by midnight.

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