Virginia ‘Creeper’ Tweeted Revealing Photos of Unsuspecting Women, Police Say

A Northern Virginia man facing child pornography charges is also accused of taking revealing photos of unsuspecting women and juveniles and posting them to Twitter.

Matthew Bishop, 37, is accused of taking dozens of photos of women's backsides and chests and posting them to a Twitter account on which he called himself a "creeper."

Investigators are still determining whether those Twitter posts were lawful.

The account also displayed images of teenagers and children, Loudoun County police said. Authorities said Bishop wrote crude comments on each photo.

The Giant grocery store in Greenbriar Shopping Center in Chantilly was a favorite stalking ground, according to authorities, who said Bishop also took photos of women and juveniles at a 7-Eleven, at ATMs and even at a charity fundraiser. Photos of teens shopping were captioned "mall creepin.'"

Police said the "creeper" also ran an account called volleyballperv, which he stocked with photos of teen girls playing the sport and wearing their uniforms. 

Women in Loudoun County said they were alarmed to hear someone was publishing secretly taken photos.

"You're in to go to the store and buy stuff. The last thing you want or think is someone's going to take pictures of you," shopper Tiffany Laseter said outside the Giant.

But a Loudoun County detective said he discovered Bishop didn't stop there. Bishop also allegedly shared child pornography with others.

A man at Bishop's home Monday said the suspect was not home. Information on his lawyer was not available immediately.

The investigation began after Loudoun County authorities charged another man with possession of child pornography. That man then went undercover. Officials discovered Bishop was sharing dozens of images of child porn using the app Kik. 

In one conversation between Bishop and the undercover investigators, a detective wrote, "Hey! Sorry not trying to blow up your phone. Just adding ya."

Bishop allegedly responded, "Hey, it's cool. Blow it up. Your content[']s worth it."

"They were able to follow it to see exactly what he was doing on his account and see the pornography he was doing, as well as some other very disturbing images he was photographing while in public," Sheriff Mike Chapman of the Loudoun County Sheriff's Office said.

Some of the photos include shots Bishop appears to have taken at his neighborhood pool, and some of photos are of a young relative, authorities said.

Investigators seized electronics and other items from Bishop's home last month. He turned himself in on Monday and posted bond. He faces 10 counts of possession of child pornography. 

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