Fairfax Police Crack Down on Fake ID Use

Several Fairfax businesses are noticing more police cracking down on underage drinkers. They say those teens are using more creative, and believable, fake ID's.

According to Fairfax City Police, four minors were arrested in separate incidents this month after they attempted to buy alcohol with false ID's at a Shell gas station on Chain Bridge Road.

The clerk said he has noticed teens are getting bolder.

"They just grab the alcohol from there and just put it on the desk as if we are not asking for their ID's," he said. "If we ask their ID's, they're just like 'Oh, sorry I forgot it in the car.'"

Fairfax City Police are warning vendors to be more skeptical of fake ID's. They say new technology is to blame.

"I mean look at the size of iPhones and everything like that," Sgt. Kyle Penman said. "Technology is quicker and faster that I can see how some of these [ID's] pass as real."

Workers at Fairfax's Auld Shebeen's Restaurant and Pub say they have noticed law enforcement going after more fake ID users.

"Virginia ABC and the police have been trying to work together trying to crack down on false ID's," said Dominic Keane, owner of the restaurant.

When in doubt, Keane and his employees refer to an updated guide on how to spot a fake ID. And if they're still uncertain, they play it safe and keep the person out of their establishment.

"We have to protect ourselves," Keane added.

"If it looks fake, give us a call," Penman said. "We'll even come out. If they don't know or they need different software, they can contact the Virginia ABC."

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