Nonprofit Calls for Increase in Traffic Safety Laws

The Council for Court Excellence wants DC to ban pedestrian usage of electronics when crossing local streets

The Council for Court Excellence is calling on DC officials to ban the usage of electronic devices when crossing local streets.

The nonprofit group, made up mostly of lawyers, judges, and business leaders, is urging the district to ban pedestrians from listening to music, talking or texting on a cell phone when they are crossing a street.

The group issued a report to help reduce pedestrian injuries and is looking for DC police to increase its traffic safety unit.

In 2010, there were 14 pedestrian deaths and 2 bicyclist deaths, according to the District Department of Transportation. There were also 738 pedestrian injuries and 336 bicyclist injuries.

The Council for Court Excellence also calls for a ban on all electronic devices in moving cars and a ban on bicyclists using electronics as well.

The group began working on this issue in 2005, when a local report stated the pedestrian fatality rate of the area exceeded those of Boston, New York, and San Francisco.

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