No Oath Flub for Roberts This Week

Chief justice pokes fun at himself

Chief Justice John Roberts was back in the public eye Monday, just a week removed from flubbing the presidential oath of office with Barack Obama.

Roberts installed the new secretary of the Smithsonian Institution, G. Wayne Clough, during a ceremony at the American Indian Museum. 

But don't worry, there was no memorizing of lines needed this time.  He had a speech on paper in front of him.  And he was thankful for it, too.

"Those of you who have read the program will see that the Smithsonian some time ago adopted the passing of a key in lieu of the administration of an oath," Roberts deadpanned.  "I don't know who was responsible for that decision, but I like him."

The audience let out a laugh and Roberts cracked a big smile.

And, most importantly, no do-overs were needed...

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