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Hundreds of ‘No Muslim Ban Ever' Protesters March Outside White House

Hundreds of protesters marched outside the White House on Tuesday, declaring opposition to the Trump Administration’s travel restrictions.

People holding signs declaring "No Muslim Ban," "Proud American Muslim" and "No Ban No Wall" filled Lafayette Park, facing the White House, in opposition to President Trump's proposed travel ban. Hundreds more protesters joined after marching from H Street.

The newest iteration of the travel ban was set to take effect Tuesday, but was largely blocked by a federal judge in Hawaii. 

The "No Muslim Ban Ever" protest has been scheduled for weeks, and organizers vowed to continue their campaign regardless of what the courts decided.

"We will continue to resist this immoral and unconstitutional Muslim Ban and any new bans in all forms, in all venues, and in all ways—no matter how long it may take to achieve justice," the group said. 

In January, President Trump signed an executive order putting a moratorium on refugees resettling in the United States, and temporarily banned travelers from Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen -- all countries with Muslim majorities. 


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President Trump unveiled a new executive order which indefinitely banned travel from Iran, Syria, Venezuela North Korea, and others in September.

“Muslim communities are organized, and our allies have our back. We will not be silent and we will stand up for our communities in the face of any and all discriminatory policies,” rally organizers said in a statement. 

MPower Change, the MASA Organizing team and several other groups organized the rally.

The march is the culmination of a six-week campaign around the issue.

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