No More Parking Ticket Reductions at DMV

Fleet companies must pay full tickets

Apparently large trucking companies have been allowed to pay reduced fines for parking violations in the District for about 15 years, yet the DMV never had the authority to reduce the tickets.

Councilmember Jim Graham claims responsibility for finding this little nugget of information.

Graham said tickets issued to operators in the DMV's fleet program were being reduced by half.  The fleet program simplifies payments for companies such as UPS or FedEx that regularly receive parking tickets, according to Graham.

Graham said predecessors of DMV Director Lucinda Babers began reducing tickets.  Babers said the automatic reductions had been given for 15 years.

“The DMV has lacked the authority to do this,” Graham said.  “Thus it cannot continue.”

And so forth, Graham said the District could make an extra $120,000 each year in fines.

The DMV has notified fleet operators of the change.

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