No Limit: $19 Taxi Fare Cap Lifted

Cabbies rejoice across District

District cabbies have won the latest battle in the ongoing Fare Wars.

The D.C. Council has lifted a $19 cap on taxicab rides that start and end in the District.

The cap was intended to protect residents east of the Anacostia River who live far from their jobs and many basic services.
But Ward 1 Councilman Jim Graham calls the cap "artificial, arbitrary and unfair."

The District replaced a zoned system for cab fares with time and distance meters last year, but the $19 cap was a remnant of that system. Cab drivers have been pushing for its end.

Graham said the new system will allow drivers to get fair compensation. 

Ward 8 Councilman Marion Barry initially opposed the amendment, arguing it would hurt his constituents. But he withdrew his opposition after he was told most drives within the District don't hit $19 unless traffic is very heavy.

Word to the wise -- make sure you know the route your cabbie is supposed to take.  Don't let them take a "short cut" that will keep you on the road longer and hike your fare.

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